You're home

We are a modern style visioned company dedicated to creating a homely ambiance in each project we touch.


Where every project is an opportunity.

Mountain Oak Tile is the creation of two hands that refused to sit idle, that saw the artistic value a home is endowed with upon completion of tile and stone work, and that chose to share that skill set with the world.

With over a decade of experience from multiple states, we are proud of our journey thus far. We appreciate hard work, a perspicacious attention to detail, and above all a creative mindset. All of which are necessary to turn thoughts into reality.

Our Strengths

Detail oriented

Success driven


Quality comes from being attentive to the little things.

That's why steps like layout, design, and color matching are very important. Not all material works together and not all colors match.

These things are discussed before the project even gets underway.

We believe success is a two way street.

We realize that a community is only as prosperous as the people who help build it and maintain it.

Therefore, our company focuses on community health, prosperity, and mutual benefit.

Most human conflict stems from miscommunication.

For us it is a duty to make sure our clients are well informed, have all their questions answered, and are in the best position to make the important decisions.